No Crystal Ball.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but yesterday's post was written Saturday. I know you, my Micronesian readers, picture me hunched over the keyboard late every night, churning out the words before finally hitting "publish" at 2:00AM exactly.
Actually, a lot of posts are written days, if not weeks, ahead of time. If there's no pressing need to match a specific post to a certain time frame, some marinate in storage for a while until I get around to putting them out there. When my life gets busy, I can burn through a lot of marinated posts until things calm down.
Sunday I didn't go to the Dome to ride around in circles with the rest of the frustrated roadies. I got an hour of extra sleep instead, figuring I was in for a long day at Alyeska. I wasn't thrilled about the prospect of skiing through whiteout conditions on marginal snow. I spent an hour on the trainer, then rushed to get the daughter ready and on the road.
As I drove down the Seward Highway, I noticed there was a relative low ceiling to the fog and blue skies above. My mood improved considerably. Even though we were racing on the lower mountain in the fogbank, we could spend the majority of the day in glorious sunlight- and that's what we did.
The snow was light enough for my band of skiers to get out and tear up, and the visibility did wonders for their abilities. We hit the hardest terrain we could, and they kept asking for more. Usually they start asking about lunch after the first run, but Sunday was all about getting in another run. We did the race out of obligation, then turned around for a run through the gullies and steeps.
I never saw it coming. I expected the worst and got one of those days that completely recharges batteries depleted after a year of rain and gloom. Amazing what a little sun will do for you.
When I got home, I did another 45 minutes of intensity on the trainer, completely burning out whatever energy I had left. My legs were just about useless, and I had the content look of someone who, after a long spell of getting beat down, finally catches a solid break.
I don't see these days coming, but when they do, I try to take advantage of them. They don't come around nearly enough.


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