Not Done With Us Yet.

Friday it snowed a little.
The roads were almost clear of the remaining ice and runoff. I was starting to seriously consider taking the bike out for a short spin.
Friday dumped just enough wet snow on the remaining ice to cause massive carnage on south-central Alaska's highways and sent my dreams of clear pavement back to bed for a while. The temperature dropped just enough to keep it hanging around longer than it deserved to. A meaningless little snow in Anchorage threw everything further out of whack during a year that has been nothing but whack.
I hope it goes away soon. I would have welcomed this a month or four ago, but now the joke is a bit tired. Downtown Anchorage roads are covered with snow brought down in train cars from Fairbanks for the ceremonial Iditarod start. We had to import snow for a dogsled race. Sad.
Tomorrow the Mighty Mites have a race, and I hope we're not faced with the knee-wrenching snow we had last week. I hope the kids have fun and come out more or less intact. I want to put this season behind me and start looking forward to a better winter next year.
I'm done with this winter. I wish it was done with us.


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