Tardy Again.

So, after probably the most uncomfortable series of flights I've ever endured (thanks American Airlines!), I find myself in San Antonio. My back in knots, I threw together my bike in a semi-sufficient manner and meandered around the streets looking for a route that wouldn't result in my death at the hands of a Texan driver. I eventually settled on the MUT that starts as the Riverwalk near the Alamo and heads south towards some missions I really wasn't interested in. What I was interested in was finding a way to get away from humanity, which seems to be in abundance around here. As someone who hates people as a rule, I was glad to see the numbers thin out as I went. 

If it wasn't for the curious phenomenon they have here called darkness during what I would term warm weather, I would have kept going. It seems the locals disagree with my characterization, as they were bundled up like it was cold or something. I think I even saw a couple parkas, although that might have been the sweat in my eyes. Weird.

The trail itself was more of a concrete sidewalk, with the rhythmic cracks occasionally punctuated by sections of decorative cobblestones. Not my favorite riding surface, but it beats the trainer.

My plan for today is to pick up where I left off and find some actual pavement to ride on, preferably without much traffic. Not dying would be nice, too. We'll see how lucky I get on both those fronts when I get out there.

If I live, I might even compose a new post so I won't be late tomorrow, too. If I don't, you'll have to use your imagination to learn of my fate. 


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