Cyclical Meh.

Lately it's been a lot of ups and downs.

Some days I tear the crank arms off the bike with my my fearsome displays of unrestrained wattage (graded on a curve, of course). The next day I can barely get out of bed. Then I'm back up and rolling, only to be knocked down by a general feeling of "I couldn't give a shit".


On the upside, the roads are clearing and some of the braver roadies are already out there. Sooner or later I'll muster up the courage to join them.

First, though, I have a trip down to San Antonio for a few days of dodging tourists on Multi-Use Trails and close calls with Texas drivers on city roads.

Well, it beats the trainer.

I'm looking forward to it, because warm, dry air is probably exactly what I need right about now. I'll probably melt in the temperatures that could soar into the mid-80s, while the temperatures in Anchorage will probably peak at half that.

Suck it, Anchorage.

Sorry, that's probably the random drugs talking. Whatever it takes to end this cycle of ups and downs.

Maybe a sleeve or two of Girl Scout Trefoils will do the trick...


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