Failing to Recover.

This week is a recovery week.
After blowing off multiple workouts last week, I don't feel like I deserve it. I feel burnt out, but it has little to do with the bike. I know that fatigue is fatigue, but I still feel the urge to "make up" for the lost training time. So far I'm trying to follow the plan, because I really would like some energy back. A persistent "meh" is about the best I can muster, and the lows are depressing.
Meanwhile, teammate Tim Bernston just won the Iditarod Trail Invitational 350, becoming one of four people ever to have completed the course on a bike in under 2 days. Fairbanks genetic freak Tyson Flaharty finished second and Clint Hodges rounded out the podium.
Joey Bacala just completed a series of strong showings at Lower 48 stage races to earn enough points to upgrade to an USAC Cat 1 roadie.
Jamey Stull just earned the Masters 40-49 stars and stripes jersey at Fat Bike Nationals. Will Ross was in the mix in a very stacked Open/Pro field, just behind Tinker Juarez. Will was one step ahead of another of my teammates, David Arteaga.
These guys (and a whole lot of others) deserve a recovery week.
I deserve a kick in the ass.
However, if I even think about hammering, Janice will unleash unimagined depths of pain upon me in retaliation.
Stick to the plan, Mike. It hurts less than the alternative.


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