It Takes a Village.

I just got off the phone with my wife.
She wants to foster a kid. Maybe emergency, maybe long-term. I have no idea.
We've been down this road before. Multiple times.
She says it's a good kid with no major issues. Just needs a stable environment (as if my house could ever be called stable).
The system is full of them. 
It pisses me off, and I have real issues not resorting to physical violence, let alone holding my tongue, when confronting the idiots that put so many kids in this system. A lot of them have serious issues because of the bad choices their parents made before they were even born. Some of them have serious issues because of bad choices their parents made after birth. They're in the system for a reason, and it isn't the fault of the kids. It's enough to make me want to buy a baseball bat, install some strategically-placed spikes, and start swinging away in a room full of these baby-factories. They aren't parents. Not mothers and fathers. They just reproduce out of selfish disregard for anyone but themselves.
Society is paying for it, and the bills will only continue to climb. Physically and emotionally damaged children cost money, and the cost to society continues as they transition to adults. It's not their fault. Somewhere along the line someone made that choice for them, and a lot of them don't have the ability to rise above their circumstances. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders can affect someone's ability to see consequences and reason (I know a few people affected), leading to future generations of burdens on society.
You could say I'm not a fan of the system or the people that feed it. 

While my reaction is anger and violence, my wife has one of compassion. Her first inclination is to take in every child she sees. I have to remind her that we have children of our own, and our first responsibility is to them, or they will be burdens on society. That's our responsibility as parents- develop functioning, contributing members of society. If we have any extra capacity/capability... well, we'll talk about it.
Don't tell her, because she probably already knows and doesn't need any more reinforcement, but she usually gets her way in the end. If she wants to bring the child into out house and we can work out the details so that our own children aren't negatively impacted, chances are we're going to have another kid around. Unlike other people in their past, we take the responsibility seriously.
Chances are I'm going to lose more hair in the near future.
It takes a village. I just wish it didn't.


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