Team Ride.

The annual tradition of the Speedway team ride kicked off last night. We usually hit the road every spring once every week or so before the trails dry out and the more offroad-minded leave the pavement. The way this year has gone, we won't be meeting for many road rides.

Most of the group was on 'cross bikes, which was appropriate given the amount of sand and gravel out there. A nice, casual ride to stretch the legs and catch up with everyone. Always a great way to kick off the season, because I don't see a lot of the guys on my MTB-centric team unless we're at the shop at the same time or they decide to do a road division race.

My legs were completely flat from the weekend, and I tried a couple digs to snap them out of it. Didn't happen. The extra weight I'm carrying isn't doing much for me either, but the rest of the guys were kind enough not to "fat shame" me this early in the season. We have months for them to do that, so there's no use in wasting all their material. I've got more than enough to work with, and it's mostly centered around my waist.

Still , it was nice to hang with guys who can drop me with one lung tied behind their back. This sort of delusion is useful to motivate me for the upcoming season, when reality will be clearly demonstrated to me over and over and over and over...

Let the beatings begin.


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