Running On Empty.

Today's workout was scheduled to be:
1:30, 5x3min VO2max. 
Today my internal display read:

Last night at the hospital I started getting dizzy. Cold sweat covered my forehead. I made my wife drive home, because I wasn't sure where this was going. Maybe I was just dehydrated from my ride. Maybe it was something I ate. I didn't want to admit that the little one was breaking down my defenses and had infected me with whatever Zika-Ebola hybrid he brought home from daycare.

He got me.

I stayed home with him this morning. Not feeling 100% but willing to give it a try, I left him with his aunt and rode out to Potter Valley. Immediately it became obvious this was going to take a little longer than planned. Great, add 5 minutes and we're good. I hit the bottom of the hill and couldn't manage more than an endurance pace. Fine, add another 5 minutes. The further I went, the less power I generated. OK, cut it off at Lower Potter and head home. On the way back, I was flailing. That was the longest I've ever spent on that route.

When I got home, I showered and we went to lunch. I felt a bit better. While the aunt went to various job interviews, the son and I napped in the car. Somehow that just made me more tired. When we got home, I crawled into bed with the latest iussue of Velonews and didn't make it past the table of contents. I hovered in a semi-daze until my wife came home and asked what was for dinner. Maybe the glazed-over eyes and drool told her I wasn't up to such weighty decisions. She handled it.

My joints hurt. My muscles hurt. My fat hurts.

I think it's time to down a Costco bottle of Motrin, hydrate up, and head for bed. Maybe things will look better in the morning.


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