When I Feel Like It.

Last week I told Janice I didn't want to train for a while.

The next day she replied something to the effect of, "'bout time you realized it".

Free of the restrictive world of training, I spent the next couple days training anyway. Some habits are hard to break. The results weren't pretty.

I skipped a day, hoping I would bounce back a bit, but the next day was just as bad. An easy group ride on Saturday was all I could muster. The numbers aren't there, and my motivation matches the numbers.

It could be partially a feedback issue. My battery in my power meter is low, causing drop-outs in data. Since I usually ride with a 3 or 10 second average displayed, I don't see the drop-outs, just a low power average. Not nice to be grunting up a hill only to see 138 watts displayed on your Garmin.

I'll change the battery and ride easy this week. Maybe some days I'll open it up, but there won't be any firm plan. I'm tired of being tired, and maybe I just need to spin for a while.

Project bikes are sitting untouched. I haven't mounted any tubulars. I haven't gotten the race bikes ready, even though race season starts this Saturday.

I'll get there when I get there.

Or not.


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