We're Up All Night To Get Pukey.

I spent last night in the ER with the toddler, who has been on a steady regimen of puking once a day for a week. Everything that goes in, comes out in one impressive show. Every time we thought we had it beat, he'd sucker us in with a midnight Exorcist Baby. Monday and Tuesday he even got his mom in on the act, so life was uber-awesome for the healthiest adult in the house. Yesterday he added blowing out from the opposite end. With this new twist, we caved and took him to the doctor. Of course, as soon as we arrived he was all smiles and running around like a terror. No significant dehydration or any other sign of illness. The doctor gave us some tiny anti-puking pills to settle his guts down and, after four hours in the hospital (mostly waiting room), we were on our way home. 

I hope this works, because I'm tired of cleaning up puke.

Tuesday night on the Speedway team ride I got stomped on. When the terrain started tilting up, I started blowing up. The power numbers were there, but I was still slipping off the back. It could have something to do with the 15 pounds of extra weight I'm carrying around (compared to this time two years ago).

Wednesday I did a regular loop for me. The overall time was the same, but the climbs were much harder. Grinding along the flats into the wind was fine, but again I couldn't climb at all.

I need to knock off a chunk of this weight and fast. I can train all I want, but for me the biggest performance gains are going to have to be carved out of the midsection.

Time to get to work.

Maybe a nice stomach virus as an appetizer.


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