Almost Normal.

The power was decent. The heart rate was more or less right where it should have been. The sweating, while still profuse, wasn't out of the ordinary.
Terrified at this new turn of events, I immediately backed off and rode easy. I wasn't falling into this trap again. Feeling even a little bit good is just a sure sign that very bad things are about to happen.
I'm still not close to where I would have been if I hadn't gotten sick. However, this was a large jump from where I was only a few days ago.
I'm not sure why I felt better. Despite the three year old climbing in bed with us and forcing me to the edge in the middle of the night, I slept fairly decent. I've been backing off the cold medication a bunch, which may explain part of it. I'm not as stuffed up in the mornings. My coughing fits aren't measured in minutes anymore, and I don't involuntarily fall to my knees when they hit. All of the symptoms are still there, but they're now at mere plague-levels.
I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.
This morning I caught myself looking at pavement again. I don't know how long I can resist its siren song. Smooth, shapely curves of asphalt that make me blush and kick my heart rate up a couple notches. At my age, you think I would have more restraint.
I tell myself it's a trap, but I'm not sure I believe it so completely anymore. Maybe just a short ride. I'll wear protection. Just a little taste and then back to the controlled environment in the garage. What could possibly go wrong?


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