Road to Recovery.

Last night wasn't uninterrupted sleep, but it was better than the recent average. I made it to 3:30AM before the hacking began, but sorted it out relatively quickly and got back to bed. I drifted off, and before I knew it the alarm was telling me I should get up and on the bike. I'd be lying if I didn't admit there was a significant amount of internal debate and snooze button whacking, but eventually I got up and slowly got ready. After last time, there was a significant amount of trepidation involved.
The pedals still turned. My heart rate, while too high for the wattage involved, never indicated a heart condition. I hacked and sniffled a bit, but I kept going. No puking. One sprint effort was enough to tell me it probably wasn't in the cards just yet. Pedal, pedal, pedal...
As soon as I got off, the coughing started. The nose started flowing. It took a while before it subsided, but eventually it did. On the whole, I felt no worse than when I got on the bike.
The Moose Run time trial is next week. I'm 99% sure I'm not lining up. Even at my best, that first early-season race is always a painful hack-fest. I don't want to put my respiratory system under that sort of strain just yet, especially for what will be a disappointing result. There's more on the schedule in the coming weeks, when the snow has receded and the temperatures climb a bit. Before you know it, the Spring Stage Race will be here. There's no need to ruin the entire summer for one race- especially in a discipline I suck in. Plenty of chances to suck in the months ahead.
For now, a faint indication of progress is enough.


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