On the Back Foot.

The titanium gravel bike hasn't been touched in three weeks. The bones are all tacked together, but the time-consuming stuff hasn't been touched. It's hanging from the ceiling of the garage, waiting for me to do something. Anything.
The race bike is sitting on the bike stand, waiting for me to install the new stem and handlebars so it will be magically transformed into an aerodynamic marvel capable of creating its own tailwinds. Waiting.
The crit bike is in similar shape, although I'm debating some modifications to the configuration to reflect its intended use.
My old faithful Madone is limping along, but at least the clock isn't ticking on this project. With the titanium road and gravel bikes entering the quiver, I can spare the bike further indignities and return it to respectable condition before I heap more abuse on it. It's a nice bike, and it deserves better.
The time trial bike and titanium road bike are in pretty decent shape, which buys me a little time. The ti bike will see a lot of miles this summer, because it's well-suited to a variety of conditions. It may be a little heavy, but then again, so am I. The TT bike only sees so much use, so unless I wreck it or change something significant, it really doesn't need much work. On a good year I may only spend 5 or 6 days riding it, which means by 2032 or so I'll get my money out of the investment.
I sold my old Ridley Orion at the Arctic Bike Club Bike Swap, which was kind of a bittersweet thing. I wasn't riding it and it was just taking up room, but it served me well for many years and I had some of my best results on that bike. I'll miss it, but hopefully it will get ridden and treated well.
Sooner or later I'll find a few hours and get caught up with all of the projects. That may not be a good thing, since upon getting caught up I'll likely immediately hit eBay for more parts. The guilt I feel every time I see all of the idle parts is saving me a lot of money at the moment.
To be honest, the priority at the moment is to get healthy enough to get back on the road.


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