Don't Jinx It.

Unlike every morning during the past three weeks, I didn't wake up to violent coughing. My eyes opened, and I glanced over at the clock to see it was three minutes before the alarm was set to go off. My sinuses were open and clear. My throat wasn't coated with slime. Everything felt perfectly normal. I had hit the mix of drugs just right the night before, and I slept for a solid seven hours. Too bad I can't remember what or how much I took. I just grabbed a handful of pills and washed it down with some Guaifenesin/Codeine syrup. It worked. I slept for the first time in weeks.
I had kit all laid out, ready for me to get on the bike and puke some more. I opted out. I didn't want to move. Movement would break the spell. I wanted to savor the sensation of normalcy. I hit the snooze button. A lot.
Finally my ageing bladder compelled me to move. Immediately I started hacking up a lung. My sinuses filled with thick goop. It took me 30 minutes to clear it enough to get ready for work. The drugs I shoved down my throat were already on the back foot.
Still, it was nice while it lasted.


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