I Couldn't. I Can't.

I missed a couple blog entries there.
This illness has knocked me down in ways I can't even describe. I haven't ridden my bike, on the trainer or otherwise, for almost two weeks. When I've gone to work, I get sent home or two the doctor for more ineffective drugs. I've basically spent the whole time in bed, hacking up a lung, blowing snot everywhere, or occasionally gushing blood from my nose. Yesterday my voice gave in, and I converse in painful whispers. If I don't take a steady dose of ibuprofen, my body starts to ache and I lose the ability to regulate body temperature.
I've had other things to worry about than writing a new blog entry.
Hopefully I've turned a corner, but I still have a long way to go. Maybe I'll get on the trainer. Maybe I'll wait. I sure as hell am waiting a little longer before riding outside. I want this crap over with yesterday.
My early season is probably shot. Maybe the whole season. I just want to feel normal again.
In the meantime, I may miss a few posts here or there. Hopefully you'll understand.
If not... well... can't say I really give a shit.


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