Ruining the Wife.

I ruined my wife.
She used to love Applebee's. "They make the best steaks!" Especially if they were cooked medium well to well done.
Then I took her to better restaurants that took good cuts of meat and treated them properly. I introduced her to medium and medium rare steaks, which she now demands.
My wife wont step foot in an Applebee's anymore. Date night is incredibly expensive these days.
This past weekend I rented an RV. It was the only weekend open before the Tour of Anchorage (I reserved it before dropping my bike in the Kulis crit), so I felt like I owed the family a weekend of fun.
We'd always tent-camped previously, and invariably it had been cold and rainy. We have a spacious tent that is a veritable mansion. I used to just go out with a sleeping bag and a shower curtain, wrapping up like a burrito and sleeping under my Jeep. The family camping in a big tent in a prepared campground, with thick air mattresses and comforts I would have never conceived of in my solo camping days. I truly thought that was some next-level shit.
Yeah, I had no idea.
As my body slowly breaks down from age and repeatedly bouncing it off pavement, creature comforts take on supreme importance. A cold, wet camping trip isn't as charming as it once was. However, if you can retreat to a heated RV with a comfortable bed, suddenly "roughing it" in the wilds of Alaska doesn't seem so bad. I've found myself looking at used RVs and contemplating which child to sell for the down payment.
I've ruined my wife. I've ruined myself.
This is going to get expensive.


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