Sorry 'Bout This.

The Tour of Anchorage was this past week. I didn't race. From the looks of it, a lot of people didn't race. We're going to move heaven and earth to fix that next year.
I'm still broke and pretty much off the bike at the moment.
I did catch the "glamping" bug, and am in the process of acquiring a brand-new 1983 Lazy Daze 20' Class III motorhome. It's like a full-on shaggin' wagon, with orange shag carpet, orange/brown upholstery, and pretty much a lot of other brown. Yeah, it's going to be gutted.
My body just can't handle tent-camping anymore up here. When we camp, it's usually on the coldest, rainiest days of the summer. Wet tent, wet sleeping bags, wet kids... For us, an ancient camper that smells of moldy socks is a giant leap forward. Warm and dry is a serious upgrade.
I also began looking at the bike-related possibilities for the rv:
  • Stage race team bus. It's small, but I'm the only guy on my team that shows up for road races, so... 
  • "Family" trips that I can bring the bike on. Ride new roads while the family sleeps in, pokes at the fire with sticks, or fishes.
  • Yet another money pit to divert cash flow from my bike part buying addiction. Seriously, I need to get that under control.
We'll see how this goes.


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