Eventually You Burn Out.

It was bound to happen. I knew it. I tried to ignore it and press on. It didn't work.
Last Tuesday I got sick.
Fever, chills, muscle aches... yeah, it was that kind of day. I woke up and knew I was in for a world of hurt. I got dressed and made it to work, and sat down at my desk. A half hour later I was done. My commute was longer than the time I spent at work.

Once home, I found a soft fleece blanket and a sympathetic Labrador Retriever and slept it off.
Despite the beautiful fall weather, I didn't ride.
I ate a lot of Goldfish crackers and cashews, because they were there and didn't require effort. Effort wasn't something I had a lot of energy for. I started a movie and dozed off, waking just in time for the end of the credits. I channel-surfed. I explored the wide range of on-demand viewing options that I had no interest in watching. I wasted hours on the kids' iPads building empires and attacking people I've never met. I drifted off to sleep again.
I woke up to shift the dog off my legs and restore blood flow to my feet.
I got up to do the dishes so the wife wouldn't be completely disgusted with me. I'll settle for partial disgust.
Chances are, I was just burned out and a bug borne by a poorly-cooked breakfast food from the global abode of flapjacks burrowed its way into my system.
The next day I bounced back to my usual finely-honed level of bleh. I rode the trainer, because it was raining again. I'd missed my window. I'd missed another precious day of riding on the road.
Hopefully I get another chance to ride myself into illness.
I'm good at that.


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