Ideas for blog fodder flit through my leaky brain at the worst possible times. Usually they come to me on the bike right before a set of intervals, at which time I only have room for thoughts about how much this sucks. The rest gets filtered out with the spit and phlegm and other bodily fluids. Sometimes I get lucky and write them down when I get the chance. My desk is littered with little scraps of paper that have cryptic messages on them.
"Winnie the Pooh"
"Pie and Ice Cream"
"I'm Fat and Lazy"
Sometimes I can use them, but mostly these journalistic gems are wasted because I can't decipher them. One of the joys of aging, I guess.

I probably should take a page from the Red Kite Prayer book and ask inane, open-ended questions and then expect everyone else to answer them. Brilliant strategy. The problem is that unlike RKP, nobody reads this blog, so nobody's there to do the work for me. In addition, this blog is about the center of the universe (me), and nobody is as qualified to talk about the subject as I am. Also, nobody cares.

Oh well, I guess I better get back to trying figure out what "stink possum sundae" refers to so I can craft another blogging masterpiece that will solidify my family's financial future.


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