Not In the Legs.

Yesterday I stayed home with the sick toddler, so I could be sure to fully expose myself to whatever bug he was carrying. He was running a fever and had a nasty cough, so Daddy stayed home and ate Goldfish with him. We watched lots of Pooh. We didn't do much of anything else, because every time I would get up to do a small chore or even go to the bathroom, he would start to whine. Someday I'm going to look back on these days with fondness. Not today, not tomorrow, but someday.

I didn't get on the bike, and instead took the wife out to a fancy dinner at a place we had been meaning to try out. Dining out with a sick toddler is always an adventure, but he did pretty well with it. I ate too much, and after a day of eating Goldfish and cashews, I was feeling pretty awful.

Today I went to work and the toddler went to daycare. I was swamped with all of the stuff I should have done yesterday and the stuff I didn't see coming today, so I was looking forward to getting in a ride after work. Nothing special, just a pleasant ride to get the legs moving again. Then the wife called and said the bo was running a fever, and so those plans were shot. 

Plan B involved the trainer, and by the time that happened I had nothing in the legs. I gave it a shot, but just couldn't put out the wattage that I usually can. I may be getting sick. I may be paying for my sins against Goldfish. I may just be tired.

Some days you have it, and some days you don't.

Today I didn't.


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