More of the Same

Snow again.

This morning it was sticking. I had to clear off the cars and shovel the driveway. Not much, maybe an inch of heavy, wet snow, but it was accumulating.

By noon, it was melting. By the time I got off work, most of the roads around base were dry enough to ride on. That is, if you dodged the numerous puddles that either hide a deep pothole or just a lot of wet. This time of year, it's better to dodge than take the chance.

The bike was at home. The bag o' kit was at home. The night was tied up with parent-teacher conferences so I could hear about how much they like having my child in their class and what positive energy they bring to the learning experience. I think I'm supposed to nod and smile at that point, but I usually stifle a yawn and manage to look supremely uninterested.

Once again, the night's workout belonged to the virtual world of Zwift. Unlike the previous excursions, I wasn't interested in sprinting or extended efforts. This was a measured, easy ride to recover and maybe be in some recovered shape for the slim chance of a ride on pavement.

I'm still hoping. I still want to believe that I'm not completely banished to stationary sweating. Even if it's a road I've ridden countless times before (and it will be), it's far superior to the trainer dungeon. There will plenty of time for Zwift and old race videos in the coming months.

Given the choice, a roadie prefers the road.


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