See? I Told You So.

In my continuing trend of stealing content from Wanky's vastly superior cycling blog, the analysis of his recent completely scientific, pulled-out-of-his-ass cycling poll came in, and they have validated everything I have ever said. More or less.

Of note:
"Respondents reported relatively little concern about receiving unique prizes (jerseys, pint glasses, etc.) or prize money, nor were they concerned about the posting of results to social media (e.g., Facebook)."

I only point this out because it confirms my own opinions about cash awards and other expensive prizes. The rest of the survey is just mindless drivel.

Just like Fox News, I report, you decide (that I'm right). I believe that's called confirmation bias, and in this case it's awesome.

Seriously, there's lots of good information in there, and I'm probably going to pour through it over the next few days to see what other opinions of mine it confirms. I'd like to see the ABC Road Division do something similar, but tailor the questions differently for never-evers, novice, intermediate, and experienced racers so one group doesn't skew the perspective of the others. Finding out what motivates each group will better help us serve the racing community, instead of just assuming that everyone is exactly like me. I wear lycra in public, so I know that's not true.

I'd like to know if we're unconsciously creating barriers to people racing. If people give it a shot and decide it isn't for them, great. At least they're aware of the possibility and didn't feel too intimidated to try. If we could pull one hardcore repeat customer out of every ten new racers, we'd be on our way.

But what do I know?

Apparently a lot, because science is on my side. 

And I'm awesome.



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