Clear Path To Meh.

This year I've been following a highly-scientific training plan. It mostly consists of riding way too hard when I'm supposed to ride easy, then not going hard enough for the hard bits. As a training plan, it has the consistency of oatmeal. As a consequence, I'm not hitting power numbers I hit only a year ago, much less the numbers I was putting up during peak years.
I'm honing my peak MehPower™ to a razor's edge.
At this point in the year, I'm not to worried about it. I have a tendency to peak early in the season (like before the first race in April) most years, so maybe keeping the overall intensity up without focusing too much on any one area is a good thing. Hopefully I can tune it up in the next couple months, then still be on the rise as I hit whatever races I decide at the last second to target. It's all part of the science of MehPower™. If it doesn't work, I can point to my poor pre-season preparation as the scapegoat rather than my complete lack of aptitude and rapidly declining fitness. Win-win.
To be honest, recent depressing news from the local (defined in Alaska as anywhere within a 12 hour drive) racing scene has kinda knocked my season's goals out of focus- not that they were all that defined anyway. As it is, I may just ride this one out and see what happens, which would be the best real-world evaluation of the effectiveness of MehPower™.
The depressing news? I'm just sitting on it at the moment, collecting my thoughts and hoping it doesn't play out how I expect it to. As someone who generally goes for the knee-jerk, negative reaction (because, douchebag) this is quite a stretch. Blindly hoping for the best usually only applies to my long-term financial planning strategies, and so far that hasn't been all that effective. Maybe this is an arena where it will finally show its true potential.
If not, I can always blame MehPower™.


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