Moving On.

Joey Bacala has left the building... and the state.
Sorry to see him go, because he was consistently improving and really pushing the upper limits of the local peloton during the years he was up here. He was the nutcase that would ride a 'cross bike up and down the Seward Highway in the winter, a road a lot of people won't ride on even when it's clear and dry. Going to miss having that special kind of crazy around.
Still, it's nothing new here. Alaska has a transient population for the most part. Most people only live here for a few years before moving on to other climates. Some people check it off the bucket list, some find they can't handle the weather, some get transferred, some don't like the isolation from friends and family... any number of reasons can cause someone to move on.
After almost 18 years in the state, some people probably consider me a newcomer. They're probably right. If I decide to move on one day (not going to happen anytime soon), they won't be surprised. Eventually most people do.
Joey's moving back down to where the high level racing is plentiful, and competing in it doesn't require large investments and a long plane trip. He'll just get stronger, which is kinda scary.
We need to make some more roadies up here. Fat, slow ones so I have somebody to get dropped with.


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