So What You're Saying Is...

Like most bike-racer wannabes with more enthusiasm and money invested than actual potential, I am interested in diet and its impact on athletic performance. The problem is, they can't seem to make up their mind about what is and isn't the best way to fuel the flailing.
Every day you see a new diet or Superfood® or general trend that will increase your FTP by 500 watts or cause your virility to revert to how it was in your mid-20s. As someone who stuffs all sorts of faddish snake oil down his gullet, I can report that I'm a non-responder to these sorts of methods. At best, I can look forward to uncontrollable projectile vomiting being the only side effect (beetroot juice). The following week, all of the research confirms the last diet fad was completely wrong. The result is at any given moment I don't know what I should be eating. Not that it would matter what I should eat, because whatever it is probably tastes like cardboard and old gym socks. Some people probably dig that sort of thing and are reaping the performance boosts associated with corrugated food, but I don't share their palate. I like flavor. Flavor is mainly found in fat. Thus, in a given race, I am probably the most flavorful person lining up.
Fortunately for me, maybe fat isn't as bad for you as they once claimed. Sugars and refined carbs and all that sort of stuff is really what's bad for you. However, as history has shown, next week the pendulum will swing the other way.
Sufficiently confused, I'm splitting the difference and doubling my servings of everything. I figure if I cover all of the bases I won't miss out on any potential performance gains.
Science. That's how I roll. 


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