A Whole Lot of Nothing.

Recently I passed 2,000 "miles" on Zwift.
That's a lot of mileage without actually moving.
A lot of other people have done far, far more in the same amount of time, but I'm not interested in doing centuries or seeing how long I can ride the trainer before my ass is worn completely away. Considering the size of my posterior at the moment, this is one metric where I have a considerable (some would say unfair) advantage. There's just more to grind away.
I'm not riding the trainer any more than I have in previous years. No multi-hour sessions where on-bike fueling becomes a concern. In fact, because of the addition of the Dome to my winter routine, I'm riding the trainer slightly less than I have in years.
What Zwift has done is distracted me during the time I'm scheduled to be on the trainer. When I'm done, I'm done, and no video game has been developed that can make me want to go for extra credit.
When I reached "Level 20", I got a fancy virtual jersey so that everyone knows that I have no life. I personally find it to be butt-ugly, but it's important that my avatar wears it so that other riders will afford me the deference the jersey demands. Prestige is hard-won in the land of virtual dopers.
I'll probably suspend my account as soon as the roads clear. I may lose all of the jerseys and fancy virtual equipment I've "earned". I'll probably have to start all over again.
I'll have plenty of time to do it next winter.


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