Too Tired To Ride.

This week has not been a lot of fun.

I walked into work with a solid plan of what I needed to accomplish. Instead, I was hit with a crisis that occupied me for four solid days. I didn't have time to eat much of anything each day other than a handful of cashews. I got home exhausted, wanting nothing more than to eat and go to sleep so I could tackle the problem again the next day.

I didn't get on the bike.

On the fourth day, when a semi-resolution to the crisis had been reached, I came home and wasn't sure if I knew how to turn the pedals over anymore. I didn't know if there would be anything behind them if I did.

Turns out, I remembered and there was. The legs were a little flat, but the world didn't fall off its axis while I was otherwise occupied.

That's nice to know, but hopefully next week will go better.


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