Better Late Than Never.

February 29th? Doesn't exist. Therefore, I don't have to write a blog post.
In all honesty, I just ran out of time and energy.
Last week was brutal at work, to the point I missed a few days of workouts. Once they're gone, they're gone. My usual attempts at making them up result in burnout and frustration. Better to turn the page and start over, and a couple days isn't make or break at this point.
Work also caused me to get behind in my organizational behavior class. "Organizational behavior" is shorthand for "I really could give two flying shits about this subject but it's in the degree plan". Mustering up the energy to type out one thousand semi-meaningful words on a subject that bores you to tears for a degree that is little more than a piece of paper/block checked off is quite difficult after a string of days like that.
Sunday I was flat at the Dome, which isn't unusual. The previous two days I had thrown myself at the bike with all the intensity I could summon, and I just had nothing in the tank. I rode in circles, jumped onto trains when I could, and generally tried to keep the legs turning.
It was raining at the bottom of Alyeska, and my group of Mighty Mites and I were drenched before we made our first turn. The top was a combination of wet snow and fog. There was a ton of snow up there, but it was the heavy/grabby type that loves to separate skiers from their ligaments. We survived until lunch, and then my group bailed when it was announced that the afternoon was completely optional. I was so proud of them. I'd rather delay their first knee reconstruction for a few years.
The warm temperatures and rain wipe most of the ice away every day, but each night the temperature dips below freezing, keeping the roads from draining and drying out. Every day I stare at the pavement and contemplate testing my luck. Just a ride around the block. Maybe more. So far I've resisted. Part of it is I don't want to risk taking a tumble and injuring myself, potentially ruining the season because of a lack of self-control. The other part is I know a short ride around the block wouldn't be all that satisfying. The payout just isn't there. 
What I really want is a long, sunny ride, with temperatures hovering in the mid-60s. I might only get that a handful of times this season, but those are the days that keep me coming back. I'll suffer through a whole lot of chilly, rainy rides to get there. What I won't do is ruin my chances of being mobile for the brief windows of awesome by trying to push the early season too much.
So, I glower at the slowly-receding ice and snow, deal with the horrible skiing conditions, and expand my fat stores with as much processed crap as I can stuff in my face.
It might end up being another "lost season", where my condition just doesn't line up with my goals. Life sometimes gets in the way.
It certainly gets in the way of this blog.


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