Sometimes, Despite Your Best Efforts, Things Work Out.

Today was my two year old son's first day on skis. Ever.

Anyone who has put a toddler on skis knows that this is an exercise fraught with peril. One false move and not only will the kid melt down on the spot, they will likely never ski again and will devote the rest of their lives to their Kajagoogoo tribute band. Your retirement plan that hinged on their surgical career suddenly looks somewhat shaky.

Then why do it?

Because it beats them sitting around all day playing video games. Life is all about options, and I've found skiing to be a rather good one.

Usually I wait for a perfect day to introduce skiing for the first time. This wasn't one of those days. It was raining, the lower mountain alternated between clear ice and slush, and the resort hadn't groomed because it would have done even more damage.

Since he doesn't weigh anything, his skis got pushed around by any ripple in the slush. I was constantly guiding him to keep him out of ditches and away from trees, but he didn't seem to notice. He was just cruising along, with the occasional fall to one side or another. I'd pick him up and we'd start again after I'd check that he was still smiling. Maybe I'd wipe away a snotsicle or two.

After a few runs, we called it a day. I wanted to end on a high note, and staying out there much longer would have resulted in a soaked and miserable two year old. Ending the day with ice cream seemed like a good way to impress on him how awesome skiing is. He seemed to think so.

I invested hundreds of dollars so far on his skiing career. He's skied a total of two hours. So far, I'd say I've made a good investment. He had fun.
Hopefully we'll have a few more chances to play in the snow this year.

Hopefully it won't rain.

Hopefully things will work out again.


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