Stress Relief.

Now that I'm back on the extended, grinding intensity train, I'm having trouble dialing it back when I'm supposed to.

Yesterday I broke through the mental crybaby barrier and did a pretty solid workout despite some periodic McDonalds-induced vurps. McNuggets taste even worse the second time. Still, the legs wanted to go and I had the green light from Janice, so I went. I probably transferred about five pounds of water weight to the garage floor. It was nice to have that sort of energy after ten days of wondering if my legs would ever come around again.

Today I was supposed to dial it way back so I can bounce back for tomorrow, but that just wouldn't be me. I hammered away again, although not quite as intensely as yesterday. Work has been stressful lately, and since I pick up the toddler in the afternoon I can't scream profanities all the way home to blow off steam as is my custom. Instead, climbing on the bike and burning off the frustration is my outlet. This doesn't make for the most efficient use of my training time, but it certainly levels me out. The family seems to appreciate the gesture.

There's a good chance I'll blow up before the week is over, and I still have three more weeks of build before my next recovery week. I'm probably going to sick and otherwise useless by that time, and Janice will shake her head and tell me I'm an idiot.

Then we'll start all over again.


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