Rest Day Mulligan.

This week is my recovery week, where intensities are lower and the idea is to allow my body to rebuild from weeks of progressive strain.
Monday was a rest day, so I didn't get on the bike. To make sure I was properly recovered, I ate a big bowl of brownies and vanilla ice cream. I generally take the holistic approach when it comes to training. I ate the whole pint.
Tuesday was supposed to be a mild, moderate intensity day. Cruise along at a  low-endurance pace for an hour and the get off the bike.
I never got on the bike.
The wife has the flu, probably because she neglected to get a flu shot this year and works in a school where much of her day involves other people's germ-spraying progeny. She's paying for it now, so my critique of her decision-making skills has been muted. I'll save it for later. Two days off from work, laying around and aching, probably will drive home the message.
Since I wasn't feeling top notch and was left with child-minding duties, I opted to delay or outright skip this workout. It's not something I usually like to do, but in the long run it's probably for the best. Rest up and hit it when I'm ready.
As long as I don't make a habit of it, I should be good.


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