So That's What It Feels Like.

After a couple of days skiing in the rain at Alyeska, I was tired of getting wet.

Instead, I took a group of exchange students from Yakutat and their host families to the base ski bump for some tubing. They don't have much of that sort of thing down there, so I figured it would be a good experience for them.

The toddler and I put skis on and made some quality runs on near-perfect groomed snow. 

After Friday's rain, he was excited by the concept, which I took as a good sign. Blue skies, mild temperatures, and no crowds made for a perfect time to be out with him on the hill.

I had to hold him back.

When he got tired, I still had time to make a few runs of my own. As I made lap after lap, it occurred to me that had been two years since I skied just for the fun of it, instead of coaching or otherwise performing utility tasks on skis. I found I could still rip off slalom turns like I used to (once I scraped the rust off my edges).

My wife gave me an extra hour to play.

I took two.

Lap after lap on a ski bump I used to practically live at. Dusting off technique that hadn't been called into play in forever.

It was over too soon, but it was just long enough to remind me just how much fun it can be. 

Sometimes I need those reminders.


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