Good Noise.

I'm probably going deaf(er).
My LeMond Revolution is universally renowned for being the loudest cycling trainer ever created. The harder you pedal, the louder it gets and the higher the pitch. Eventually the room sounds like the taxiway of the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.
There are much quieter trainers on the market, offering many advanced functions that the LeMond doesn't. Some of them are "direct-drive", which was always one the Revolution's selling points. "Road feel" on some of these approaches that of the LeMond, which I've always thought was the gold standard (instead of the "riding through mud" feel of most fluid trainers). Other companies actually answer phone calls and emails from customers. In other words, there is no good reason for me to continue to use a stationary trainer that requires the use of ear protection with a Noise Reduction Rating of 34.
And yet, I do.
In fact, this fall I doubled down and bought another, lightly-used one off of eBay. I like the LeMond. It works for me, and no other trainer I've tried provided enough of a advantage that would justify the additional expense in my mind. When something works for me, I stick with it until it doesn't anymore. I'm not there yet.
The jet engine sound from the LeMond fools me into believing I'm doing something. When it gets louder/higher, I know I'm working harder. When it gets quieter/lower, I know I'm slacking off. I don't need to stare at the Garmin for validation.
I'll know when I'm on form when I go completely deaf.



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