Gotta Work On That.

I was scrolling through the titles of previous blog entries, and I noticed that on the surface they were overwhelmingly negative in nature.
In one sense, this is odd. Cycling is just an overwhelmingly positive pursuit in so many ways. For me, it's provided an escape from stress, stripped a non-inconsequential amount of fat off of my carcass, and gave me an outlet for my sociopathic tendencies that didn't revolve around someone getting the hose again if it didn't rub the lotion on its skin. These are generally good things, especially when I'm in the market for a new skin suit. 
Still, it makes sense because at heart I'm a negative bastard.
I'll own that, but it's probably something I should work on. Even when the post is about something positive in nature, my inclination is to caption it with something negative. Usually that just reflects my dark, sarcastic sense of humor rather than a negative view of the subject matter. My usual take is, "these things are good, but they could be better if they didn't suck so much." See? I'm all hearts, rainbows, unicorns, and flowers.
I'll just have to make a real effort in the future. I'll try to put a nice, pretty bow on the giant pile of excrement that is this blog. Maybe sprinkle some glitter over it if I have time, so the turd contours are more sharply defined in the light.
I'm willing to go that extra mile for my favorite French porn bots.


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