Just When All Hope Was Lost...

Last week I wrote about how traffic had fallen off, as the French porn bots lost their reddit-inspired interest in this blog. 
Then I noticed a spike in traffic as reddit again provided me with a whole new crop of "possibly human" readers. This time it was actual roadies (or at least I think they're roadies), and I'm all giggly that they've decided to convey upon me the title of "Fred". I'm not sophisticated enough to understand the reference, but I'm sure it's good, right? They seem to like referring to dentists as Freds. The dentists I know make a shit-ton of money, so fuck it. Where do I sign up to be a Fred? Is the team kit made by Rapha?
The point of this new reddit thread is to find the Fredliest (I think that's a word. I'll have to ask a dentist.) thing I've written in this blog. The best they've come up with is shit about Rapha caps and Zwift. Pitiful. There's far worse dreck here if you're willing to wade through it. Writing five days a week pretty much guarantees its presence.
To be honest, the reason I notice spikes like this and investigate them is that I want to figure out what kind of lonely, socially-retarded souls are out there that have this sort of free time to read this blog. Now I know.
Thanks for the traffic bump and the fancy title, guys. I'll try to make you proud.
Now, anyone know who makes the lightest carbon fiber stem extender?


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