I'll Get Around To It Eventually.

I'm a bad procrastinator. 
Right now I have a whole lot of bike building projects, representing thousands of dollars of my children's future earnings, sitting in piles in the garage waiting to be bolted on a bike. Some of them are small refinements that would be relatively easy to complete. Some of them are more involved undertakings that would require several hours to complete.
As they are mostly additions or modifications to an existing bike, they do not exist in a vacuum. Once I start turning the wrench, I have to deal with all of the other issues on that particular bike. Cables, bar tape, brake pads, bottom brackets, chains... all of these little tasks add up to at least a couple hours of dedicated effort.
Problem is, finding that uninterrupted time to turn wrenches can be difficult. Don't get me wrong, I waste a lot of time during the day. I'm doing it right now. I take naps, lay around on the couch, watch mindless TV, and play more Boom Beach on my iPhone than I should. I surf the internet, looking for new things to spend money on that I won't have the time to use. My (somewhat plausible) justification for this that I need to decompress from the meaningful with the pointless to find some sort of balance in my life. If there's a few fistfuls of Goldfish mixed in there, so much the better.
But I really need to make an effort to find time for projects. I always feel better when I do, like I made good use of my time. I feel a sense of accomplishment that no Costco tub of fish-shaped crackers can provide. There's also the added bonus that my bikes work better and don't groan, squeak, and project the Ebola virus in a 10 foot radius. Yeah, I need to make an effort.
Right after my nap.    


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