The First Revolution is Often the Hardest.

Every day this week I've woken for work at 2:00AM so I can go in early, which means I didn't do my usual pre-work trainer ride. The hours haven't been extremely long, but the sudden change in sleep hours really messed with my energy levels, as did my family's failure to adhere to my strict, post-5:30PM household quiet hours.
When I get home, I'm usually a zombie. I don't want to get on the bike, but I do. It just takes a while to find the energy. A long while. Once the pedals are turning, I can manage something approaching a sweat, but I'm not setting any personal records. It's all about maintaining until things return to normal.
To be honest, I'd rather be in bed. However, I kit up and get on the trainer anyway. Partially out of stubborness, partially out of fear that I'll "contract obesity", and partially because that's just what I do. Although napping is sounding more and more like a better sport.
Just turn the pedals over, Mike, because life is better when they're moving.


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