A Disturbance in the Force.

Factions within the Evil Empire have caused a rift. What once served as the all-powerful monolith of South Central Alaskan cycling has been cleaved neatly in two as Sith Lords James Stull and Bill Fleming have ended their business relationship. Ripples of this development could be felt as far away as Wasilla. No official statement has been issued from the Sarah Palin camp, although more than likely she was out of town when the event occurred, judging by the dip in the number of reported sledneck brawls.
Darth Stull gets The Chain Reaction and 9:Zero:7 arms of the Empire, along with the formidable PiP/Chain Reaction army of genetic freaks. Darth Fleming retains control of the Trek Store and the Kaladi/Subway Imperial Guard, a mighty force within the local peloton, particularly in the incontinent ranks.
Nothing much will change in races. The general strategy will still be to fire all of your ammo in completely random directions until you run out, and then limp across the finish line. Kaladi racers will still attack PiP racers... and other Kaladi racers... and other teams... and random people unaware that idiot adults actually race bikes. That's just how we roll in the 907- slowly and pedaling squares.
I wish the Dark Lords well in their future endeavors, because the local cycling community is better because of their contributions. I'll continue to frequent both shops, mainly because I'm a bike whore, but also because each relates to a different characteristic of the sport. Also, now I can go each shop and talk trash about the other Dark Lord... wait, I already did that.
I think it's pretty cool that a fat, wheezing poseur with delusions of athleticism like me can walk into any of the bike shops in town and be recognized and often be greeted by name. That indicates to me that I'm part of the local cycling community, acknowledged for what I represent and contribute...
A profit center.
...thanks for noticing me. 


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