It Might Actually Become a "Thing".

Sunday morning the number of riders showing up at 7:00AM to ride around in circles grew exponentially. By my count, we had eight riders on the track at The Dome. Then again, "maff" has never been my strong suit, so it could have been 300 for all I know. Four of those riders were new to the venue.
To me, this is a great thing, because slowly but surely we're building a group of riders that see the potential in such a venue. Talk of doing track-esque events such as Australian Pursuits bounced around the pack. Aero testing. triathlon training.... As long as we can balance our interests with those of the owners and other user groups, we can make it a long term option for winter training. I certainly prefer the reprieve from the trainer once in a while, and the time spent on my TT bike is something I don't do enough of. At the end of the day, it's really all about me.
Speaking of me, which is my favorite thing to do, I tried as hard as I could to stick to Janice's plan. That meant my time was spent trying not to chase everyone as they rode around the track at twice my speed. I felt ridiculous with my aero helmet and TT bike going that slow, and had to stop myself several times from joining in the fun. While Joey, Dave, and the rest of the gang were hammering away, I did my pedestrian little laps. I hope this pays off, because it's killing me.
Very, very slowly.


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