Fingerpainting for the Mind.

A couple years ago I took a college algebra class, after decades passing without pondering the absolute value of x. The professor referred to algebra as "gymnastics for the mind". Funny, I don't remember my elementary school tumbling experience involving migraines and patchy hair loss, but I'll be sure to cross gymnastics off my must-do list just in case.
I'm a practical guy, and if you can give me a practical and reasonable application for a formula or method, I can probably wrap my mind around it. When you require me to do math for math's sake, I start to get a little twitchy. What you do in the privacy of your own home is your business, but don't expect me to get all aroused by what x and y are doing on top of z.
I much prefer the written word. The act of conveying a message through text and having it understood is what I consider more important. There are countless people more skilled than I at this, which makes it similar to everything else I like. The more I suck at something, the more I want to pursue it. Go figure.
Maybe that's why I'm still doing this blog. That, and helping my Micronesian friends develop questionable English-language skills. I could just write for myself, but then others wouldn't be aware of how much I suck at it. They would rightfully suspect it to be the case, but without proof their jabs at my mental capacity wouldn't have the same impact. With this blog, I'm not only providing them with the ammunition, but I'm also loading the gun.
That's ok, because this indulges my creative side, something I need to do once in a while to keep it from crossing over to the dark side, where it would be free to create more realistic imitation fart sprays and new IRS forms. Believe me, it's better to let my mind fingerpaint a little now then.


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