I was forced to skip two workouts last week for various reasons. Another was delayed significantly in the day, which is something I never like to do because it messes with my sleep schedule. All of this made me extremely irritable.

Funny, riding can make you feel incredibly great, as you ride the endorphin high and all of the negative energy is channeled into something positive. It can put your life in order like few things can.

On the flip side, you can become like a tweaker, always looking for the next fix. Extended periods of inactivity can make you twitchy, and for me my temper gets short. My anger is usually intense and extremely short-lived. I blow up and then it's over, mainly because I can't remember what I was angry about in the first place. My toddler and I share this character trait, although his staying power is much more impressive than mine. If we could channel that energy into cycling, he would be the new hour record holder.

I blow up less often and less intensely with a steady diet of riding. The more energy I use up cycling, the less I have for irrational rants. Perceived slights that would have me kicking stuffed animals around the house are instead greeted with a mild, "gee, that's disappointing" after a ride. It completely flips the switch.

The two workouts weren't scheduled to be all that long or intense, so it only took one solid workout to blow away the black rain cloud over my head. It's not something I want to make a habit of, because the cumulative effect is never a pretty sight. This far from the race season they really don't matter that much, but I'm a creature of habit. I'll get back in my groove and see if I can prevent a repeat of last week.

It's just better that way.


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