Sprinting From an Idle State.

I recently added some responsibilities at work. They came in the form of what were euphemistically referred to as additional duties. For my predecessor, this was his only job, and he was quite gainfully employed. I have a primary job, and while I was by no means  overtaxed, I did have enough work to keep myself occupied day in and day out.

Without going into detail, basically these new responsibilities involve safeguarding resources and people and, more importantly, keeping me out of jail. There's a lot to learn, with tons of conflicting regulations to follow and multiple agencies wanting different things. My predecessor said it was two years before he felt like he had a clue, and he's much smarter than I am.

I spend my days rubbing my temples.

There I was, cruising along merrily and doing whatever it was I was supposed to do, and suddenly somebody (let's call him the boss) came out of the draft and threw in an attack that required me to throw everything I had into a mad chase. Those kinds of efforts take a lot out of you.

After yet another day of narrowly avoiding my own personal orange jumpsuit, I've been getting on the trainer, logging into Zwift, and thrashing about to kill some of the stress. It works, for a little while. The endorphins kick in, and I can talk to other humans without screaming obscenities and ranting about forms nobody has ever heard of. Not a perfect solution, but it works.

Like all hard efforts, it would be easier on me if I eased into it, allowing me to warm up and adjust to the added strain. This was more like a illegal, bike messenger crit in some seedy office park with thousands of dollars of primes on the line. Attack from the gun and try to kill everyone else.

I'll get there... or I'll go to jail. Either way, it should ease up at some point.


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