A Non-Starter.

I wasn't on the trainer.

I was on the recliner, curled up with the toddler under a soft fleece blanket on a dark, damp day, watching Piglet's Big Movie for the 500th time. The boy is way into Pooh at the moment. I alternate between Tigger and Eeore, depending on how much sleep he's allowed me to get.

Somehow I don't think the training impact will be the same. 

Sometimes events conspire and you have to take a hit for the team. It's hard to delay or skip a session in my dark, cold drainer dungeon instead of being cozy and taking the odd nap, but eventually my wife arrived home and I was free to head to the garage.

Ninety minutes or so later, and I was properly beat up. The longer steady state intervals always wipe me out, and I spiced things up with the occasional 30 second sprint just to keep my butt from falling asleep. Sitting on the trainer for that long always highlights exactly where my sit-bones are, and the fat cells around them start complaining if I don't shake them around periodically.

Then I started putting the finishing touches on a couple bikes for Craigslist, on the off chance someone was anxious to buy a bike that likely won't see pavement for another 5 months. You never know.

I'm still kinda torn on selling my Ridley, because it has been a solid ride these last few years. However, with the Storck taking over beater bike duties and the race category stacked with Madones, the only place it would see on significant use would be the trainer. After scraping off years of sweat and grime off it once, I don't think I have the heart or stomach for the task again. It came out rather pretty, so I hope someone will treat it well.

By the time I was finished bike butchering, it was 1:00 AM. I had to wake up at 6:00 AM for the weekly session at the Dome. By the time I was cleaned up and wound down enough to sleep, it was obvious I was not going to impress anyone in the morning.

Sure enough, I couldn't hang with the young kids doing sprint intervals and I couldn't wheel-suck the old guys doing TT intervals. I had nothing in the tank, which makes me glad I have a recovery week coming up.

I'm done.

Know anyone who's looking for a road bike or two?


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