This Sunday's group at the Dome was the biggest yet. For every face that doesn't show up on a given week, it seems like two more take their place. That's a great thing for the cycling community, as hopefully the management sees the benefits of having the time slot open to cyclists.

Last week the SRM power meter I got off of eBay was dropping power significantly at random points, which is never a good thing to see when you're doing TT intervals. A quick call to SRM's US office told me it had been almost exactly 3 years since it had been in for service, and the batteries probably needed to be replaced. These batteries have soldered terminals, and since I possess that archaic skill I figured I would do it myself. However, I did some searching on the internet and found that the couldn't be procured locally and the cheapest price I could find them for on the interweb with shipping was $70. To add insult to injury, they would be shipped ground because they are hazardous materials. It would likely take two weeks for them to show up. The service through SRM would cost $100, and the power meter would be tested and calibrated as well. I figure I might as well get a solid baseline.

With the TT bike crank-less, I dusted off the Storck. Trying to keep up with TT riders and guys with much larger engines became that exponentially more "interesting", since I neglected to put on aerobars and was pushing a bit more air than usual. Some people would call that a better workout, but I spend far too much money trying to avoid working so hard. After a couple rounds of 15 minute time trial intervals, I was feeling the burn a bit. The kick I had on the trainer the day before was gone, and I was left with a marginal grind to get me around the track. What doesn't kill you only weakens you for a later execution.
Tomorrow is a rest day. I'm really liking the sound of that, although I don't think I did enough this week to deserve one. Maybe I'll just do a short, easy spin to loosen up the legs and numb the feeling of worthlessness.

Worth a shot.


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