Ever since I asked for Wanky's guidance on making myself independently wealthy through blogging about being a sub-par road cyclist, I've been trying to write five posts a week. That averaged out to about twenty a month, accounting for my usual lack of follow-through and other excuses I employ to explain a wide variety of failures. However, August's post count exceeded 2014's total, so at least it's a step in the direction of regularity. I hear being regular is important for men my age.
I'm still not rich. The money has not poured in. It has not trickled in. In fact, I have not seen one cent in compensation for the tens of minutes I spent these last few months lovingly crafting posts for public consumption. It might because that, unlike Wanky, I never implemented a method for people to subscribe to it and transfer their financial resources into my bank account. It's always the little things that I forget. Oh well, I guess my Micronesian fan-base can keep their money.
Even more distressing than my lack of financial security is the fact that the Huffington Post has yet to reprint one of my posts without compensation. Imagine what I could buy with all of that exposure.
I guess I'll keep hammering away at the keyboard with two (or sometimes even three) fingers, just in case there's a billionaire out there that wants to adopt a old, overweight, blogging cyclist.


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