Last week I passed a milestone of sorts and it didn't even register at the time.
500 blog posts.
That's a whole lot of bullshit.
The majority of them were written after Wanky told me that more people would read if I updated this blog more than once a month. Boy, was he right. In no time at all I had maybe five (six on a good day) additional readers logging in on a regular basis. Big, big gains for only 30 times the effort.
500 blog posts.
Like riding a trainer, it's just about getting into a groove and sticking with it. Obviously, you don't have to be any good at either one of them, or I wouldn't still be doing them. You just push down on a pedal or a key and sooner or later you're done. Simple as that. Hit save, upload them, and move onto the next one. The only person that decides if there actually will be a next one is you. It's a false freedom, though, because you're just too stupid to stop.
500 blog posts.

I don't want to think about how many hours that represents. Hours I could have used for more productive endeavors. I'd rather think about those five or six readers, and how my semi-literate ramblings and offensive comments provide real meaning to their otherwise empty lives. That's what I tell myself.
Here's to 500 more. More or less.


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