Not Even an Option.

I've been sick for the last five days. Five days of intestinal cramps and shivers. Five days or incomplete or skipped workouts. Five days of thinking I turned the corner only to get hit again. It's not much fun.
I did manage to get out during one of the "getting better" spells and coach at Alyeska. Glad I did, because it turned out to be a really fun day. The winter is threatening to be a good one (for a change). Unfortunately, I paid for all of that fun that night, as the intestinal troubles dropped the nuclear option on me.
I'm the kind of sick person that likes to curl up into a ball until it's over. Don't touch me or bother me until the process is complete. If I need something, I'll ask. It's taken my wife ten years to figure this out. Unless I'm dying, I'm better off doing my thing.
Unfortunately, doing my thing doesn't include the bike at the moment. Anything more than a sedate pace and my guts start knotting up, and sometimes even that's too much. I'm just drained.
The only upside is that I'm not getting any fatter, so I have that going for me.


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