I wasn't surprised at all. After months of sitting powered off, my trainer dungeon computer needed to do a little updating. I figured I'd grind out a 15 minute tempo interval while I waited, then jump on Zwift and get on with the workout.
An hour later, it was 35% done.
I did all of my workout to a blue screen and an update circle. 1% done. Sweat seat sweat. 2% done. Sweat sweat sweat... I can think of more visually inspiring things to watch while going nowhere. Unfortunately, I had disconnected my DVD player in my troubleshooting efforts and never reconnected it. The blue screen and circle were my only available entertainment.
Although I had planned to do 90 minutes, an hour was where I cut it short. I left the computer to do its thing, went out to lunch with my wife, and returned when it was all complete to do another hour. This time I actually got on Zwift, which was nice.
My numbers aren't anywhere near where they usually are on the trainer. It's going to take some time to adjust and rebuild. Time is something I have.
My new Revolution is tighter than my old Revolution. The bearings and bushings aren't quite as broken in, requiring more effort to get the same indicated speed. The sound of the trainer is different as well, probably for various reasons. Just a couple more things to get used to.
My dungeon computer is currently connected to the interwebs via Wi-Fi. Problem is, just about everyone in my house (including the 2yr old) uses the same Wi-Fi network. I have to tell them not to stream video while I'm on the trainer so Zwift doesn't crash or act strangely. This is going to change soon. I'm getting a network switch so I can hardwire the computer to the cable router and prioritize traffic to it. Hopefully that will fix the problem. I'm also going to turn on MAC Address filtering on the Wi-Fi network just in case anyone cracked the passwords and are bleeding my interwebs. I've been needing to clean up the home network and add some functionality for some time, but have been too lazy to do it. Now is as good a time as any.
The early trainer season is usually when I make my updates, before I get too settled into my routine and still have the motivation. It won't be there in a month. Doing it now will allow me to incorporate the changes and deal with any glitches before the serious work begins. Now is just about fitness maintenance for me.
I just hope there aren't any more three-hour Microsoft updates in the near future.


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