Time Flies.

I rolled over and looked at my alarm clock. 3:15AM. Great, a couple more hours of sleep.
A second later I rolled over and the clock read 6:05 AM. Guess I'm not getting on the bike this morning.
It's an easy day, so I can easily squeeze this one in after work. Fatigue isn't really going to be a factor in my ability to pull off a hour-long Zone 2 cruise.
It's not the sort of thing I want to get in the habit of doing, though. Getting into a rhythm is a big part of me being able to stick to a training plan and grinding through the winter.
It's not a total loss. Not having me leave the bed and groggily shuffle through the house, occasionally tripping over things and making noise made my wife happy. The bed stayed warmer.
I have noticed my resolve to stay away from excess eating to be wavering. A lot of it is related to the fact that when I was in Mississippi I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted and still lose weight. I burned a lot of calories on the bike and walking. Now I don't burn as many, but my appetite remains. That's something I have to get under control.
I also have started to crave sugar and carbs. When I was in Biloxi, I was more into protein (Arby's, steaks, burgers, and BBQ), and sweet stuff didn't really enthuse me. Now I'm having to catch myself reaching for doughnuts or whatever carb-bomb passes in front of my eyes.
I made it through Thanksgiving. I've been back home a month and I've gained back a pound or two, but it's still fluctuating day to day so I don't really have a good handle on it. It's still lighter than my "race weight" of the last couple years, so I've got that going for me.
Not oversleeping or overeating. If I can hit those two goals, I might have a decent season next year.


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