Last night I didn't sleep much.
Just as I was drifting off, my wife told me the washing machine was broken. I stumbled downstairs and discovered it wasn't draining, so I did it manually. I made a huge mess. draining water all over the floor which I sopped up with every available towel in the house.
The drain pump died, with the shaft wearing itself into a modern art masterpiece that rendered it useless. The washer would have to wait until tomorrow. A quick check of Amazon showed the pump would only cost around $30, so it wouldn't be too painful. A quick swap and it would be back in action, eating the toddler's socks like it always has.
I went to bed, and immediately noticed my feet were frozen. Nothing I could do would warm them up. Then it was my legs and arms, and eventually my whole body. Even the small furnace child that crawled up into bed with us was no match for the ice age taking over my body. I spent the night shivering, with cramps periodically rolling through my body. Sleep just wasn't happening.
The next day I got through 35 minutes on the trainer before I threw in the towel.
I had several meetings on the schedule I could not miss, so I groaned my way to work. During free moments I called around to various appliance shops, finding several pumps in stock around town. I picked the cheapest new one. It was $140, and was a re-designed model that was much more involved to replace.
It does what it's supposed to, the washer is quieter now, and the wife is happy. My body feels like somebody beat me with a stick, but I managed to get something productive done.
We'll call today a tie.


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